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Daily it is forced home on the mind of the geologist, that nothing, not even the wind that blows, is so unstable as the level of the crust of this earth.

Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle

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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Wagner

     Dr. Amy Wagner has loved the ocean for as long as she can remember. When she was in middle school, she decided she wanted to be a marine biologist. Once she got to college, however, she realized that she didn't really like biology. Oceanography is much more about the processes that govern the ocean and the integration of all the core science: geology, chemistry, physics, and biology. 


     Her favorite part of oceanography is the interdisciplinary nature of the field. She needs to know and understand many processes affecting the ocean at a particular location to be able to interpret the data. While she loves this aspect of oceanography, it can also be the most frustrating because there are so many factors influencing a particular oceanic environment that it is often difficult to determine which factor is the dominant one. 

     Dr. Wagner's favorite thing about teaching at Sac State is, hands down, working with the students. When she was an undergraduate at Texas A&M, she had the opportunity to work in a lab and it changed the trajectory of her entire career. She loves seeing how students grow academically and scientifically when working on their own projects. 

      Dr. Wagner considers herself a stable isotope biogeochemist and runs the WAGS Lab in addition to teaching at Sac State. She can be contacted about research opportunities or club activities at [email protected]

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