About Us:

The Geology Club is an organization designed to support the Geology students at California State University, Sacramento as they work toward their degrees and assist them by reducing educational costs. It is a student-run club that hosts large events such as the annual Rock Auction - all proceeds of which go to the club and minimizing the costs for the post-graduation six-week Senior Field class. The Club also strives to connect current and incoming geology majors with graduates from this and other geology programs in an effort to facilitate a better understanding of life for geologists after college. The geology community is relatively small, but it is very tightly knit, and one of the Club's goals is to facilitate the growth of friendship and teamwork among CSUS's future geologists by organizing Club events and outings. The Club also hopes to connect outgoing students with future employers through participation in events such as Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) meetings and Groundwater Resource Association (GRA) meetings. The Geology Club's mission is to support geology majors as they learn, grow together, and enter the working world. We welcome you to join us as we move forward, upward, and onward.

Our 12th annual Rock Auction is here!


Come to the Rock Auction this year! This auction is open to the public and we would love for you to come out and support us. For more information, click on the Rock Auction link in the navigation bar above. Hope to see you there!


Help us reach more people and spread the science! We appreciate your support. Thank you.


Club Established 1981

Website Created June 2015

Updated 11/20/2015

Upcoming Events:

The Rock Auction is right around the corner! If you haven't heard about it already, click the link to the Rock Auction in the navigation bar or press the button here:

Past Events:

Check out the Rock Auction link for past Rock Auctions or see the What We Do link for photos and explanations of our events and activities including field camp and field trips, club events and guest speakers, student work and volunteering, and times when our (awesome) professors were worthy of blog space. To see even more or contact us, click the More About Us link at the top of the page.

CSUS Students:

Click the For Members link in the navigation bar to see updates on Geology Club activities and events that you can be a part of, or to view updates on events you already agreed to be a part of! If you don't want to scroll up again there's another button here: