This is the official website for the Geology Club at California State University, Sacramento. Here you will find information about the Club in general, as well as find links to our events and activities.
The Geology Club is an organization designed to support the Geology and Earth Science students at California State University, Sacramento as they work toward their degrees. The Club plays an integral role within the Geology Department by funding scholarships, hosting educational- and professional-enrichment events, providing tutoring, supporting research, and facilitating networking. The primary source of funding for all Club activities is the annual Rock Auction, now in its 14th year. All proceeds from the Rock Auction go directly back to the students in the form of scholarships and enrichment activities (think geology field trips outside of the classroom!) 
The Club also strives to provide vital networking opportunities for students. This is accomplished by connecting current students with alumni of the program. In addition to the alumni connection, the Club provides support to students attending local and national conferences such as the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Geology Club comes with a world of benefits!

  • Reduced (or free) cost for club events and trips.
  • Use of the computer lab in Placer 1003.* 
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Peer-mentoring and support.
  • Fun!

Membership Requirements

There are a few simple requirements for membership:

  • Must be a regularly enrolled California State University, Sacramento student.
  • Must attend at least 50% of club meetings.
  • Must earn a minimum of 10 service points per semester.^

*Use is provisionally granted at the beginning of each semester upon receipt of a refundable deposit in the amount of $15.

^If 10 service points are not earned by the end of the semester, the deposit is used as membership dues instead.

Club Established 1981

Website Created June 2015

Updated 6/8/2017

Meeting Exception

Fill out this form if you cannot make the general meetings.

2017 Rock Auction

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